Thursday, January 14, 2010

3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D ( C4D tutorial )

3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D Volume 3 - Non-Organic Modeling
3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D
Volume 3 - Non-Organic Modeling | 1.76 GB | HF, Uploading & Oron
Wiggle your hips down the catwalk with 3D Fluff's Non-Organic Modeling DVD. In Volume 3 you will find a large spectrum of modeling tools, tips and methods covered - teaching you many useful techniques.

The first tutorial will take you from a simple cube to a fully featured remote control. Janine shows you how to handle bevels, edge loops and HyperNURBS to create a high quality, clean flowing mesh suitable for almost any purpose.

An easier torch project is demonstrated by Matthew along with a whole host of technical modeling tips. These include Booleans, Lofts, Extrudes and more; allowing you to use the right tool in the right place to achieve the best results.

With over 4 hours of footage, this represents the longest and most detailed training DVD produced by 3D Fluff to date. These lessons take you to a more advanced level than previous DVDs, yet they still retain a sensible learning curve for those who are new to CINEMA 4D.

This DVD strictly requires CINEMA 4D Release 9 or above due to the modeling tools used.

Main topics covered:

- Creating clean and efficient polygon meshes
- HyperNURBS weighting
- Polygon and Spline based modeling
- Which tool to use in any given situation
- Making your life easier with the correct selection tools
- Common shortcuts

System requirements:

Windows PC or Apple Mac with a DVD-Rom drive. This DVD will NOT play in a standalone DVD player. Requires Quicktime 5 or higher (Mac) or Windows Media Player (Windows) for playback. 500 MHz CPU or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 recommended. Soundcard (or onboard sound) and speakers / headphones required for audio output.

Single extraction. All links are interchangeable (take 1 part from 1 host, take another part from another host... save on waiting times).




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