Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eat3d - The Fountain - High Res Modelling 3Ds max

Eat3d - The Fountain - High Res Modelling
Eat3d - The Fountain - High Res Modelling
English | 8:04:56 | 1280x720 | PAL (25fps) | Audio Codec: mp4a | Video Codec: avc1 | 1.4 GB

n this demonstration the instructor creates the high res version of a complex modular fountain from scratch with 3ds Max 2010. The sculpting portions of the video are done twice, once in Mudbox 2009 and again in Zbrush 3.1.This is a 2-Disc Release with over 8 hours of demonstration and has something for everyone.
* Blocking out the Fountain using a Reference Image
* Experimenting with the new Containers in 3ds Max 2010
* Showing the difference between Scene Explorer and Scene Manager
* Using Stencils in both Mudbox and ZBrush
* Using the new Decimation Master Plugin for ZBrush 3.1
* Using the new Graphite Modeling Tools in 3ds Max 2010
* Using Meshlab to optimize your meshes prior to 3ds Max Import
* Optimizing the Scene for better Preformance
* Rendering out the Fountain with Lighttracer and tweaking it in Photoshop

Eat3d - The Fountain - High Res Modelling

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