Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Stylish Menu Nar

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Stylish Menu Nar

Today I'm going to show you how to create a nice menu bar.

1. Creating Background

First we must create a new Photoshop document. I'll use size 700 x 35 (width x height).

Now fill your document with what ever color you want and right click on your layer and select "Blending Options" and set these settings:

Now create a new layer and fill it with white. Use "Rectangle Marquee Tool" to selext excess white color like this:

Now press "Delete" to remove excess white color. Now change layer's opacity to 50%. Also remove this white color from the borders so your menu bar looks like this:

2. Final Words

Now add onto it what ever you want and you are done. You can customize it how ever you want. My outcome looks like this:

I hope my tutorial was easy enough for you and you enjoyed it.
If you have questions, feel free to ask from me.


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