Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Create a 3D Magic Illustration in 3ds Max tutorial

3D Magic Tutorial – Final Effect

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an awesome 3D magic top-hat! We will use 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop to render and then post-process the image.


How to Create a Realistic 3D Diamond Ring with 3DS Max. Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will create a very accurate 3D diamond ring model. We will use 3DS Max to create all the necessary objects and VRay rendering engine to render them! So, let’s begin!

Modeling 3D Diamonds

If you’d like to have accurate model of a diamond you have to check their ratios and shapes first. If you’d like to have just a diamond not knowing how does it look like you will end up with some unrealistic model. We are certainly going to use real ratios and we’ll create as realistic model as possible. I’ve made a quick sketch (don’t use it as a reference image because it’s not precise).


3ds max 3d stool model creation tutorial.

Hello guys I will show how create a 3dsmax 3d stool model tutorial.
I have used following techniques shown below in this 3ds max tutorial.