Friday, February 5, 2010

how to Create an Electrifying Light Guitar with photoshop

Utilizing blending modes in Adobe Photoshop is one of the essential skills for any designer.  They not only allow manipulation and blending of images, they also can lead to spectacular visual effects in a design.  In this tutorial, Pawel Kiec will take you though the steps of extracting an image, creating a background, and then making an electrifying glowing guitar that resembles pure neon light.You’ll learn how to manipulate blending modes to achieve color and light, and you’ll also learn how to extract images with the pen tool, and even create flowing lines in Illustrator to compliment the Photoshop work.

This tutorial is for intermediate and beginner Photoshop users. this Tuto is short and will allow you to create a brilliant result in a shorter timeframe, and you’ll still learn valuable skills.

how to create a 3D vase in 5 minutes with the Illustrator.


This tutorial will show you how to create a 3D vase in 5 minutes with the Illustrator CS2 3D Revolve Tool. Its so simple, fun and easy.

Using those technics with your own imagination you can create wonderful 3D objects. This tutorial is so easy and anybody even with no idea about illustrator can do it and can apply it to other projects, so lets start.


How to make 3D logos and graphics in 5 simple steps.

This tutorial will show you how to make a 3D gradient logo in minutes by using the Warp and 3D effects. It is great for making 3D graphics and icons. You can use this technique to make 3D objects from any shape


3d logo