Monday, December 16, 2013

Intel inside FC Barcelona Tee shirt

A new smart way for brand advertisement revealed by Intel, the Micro-processors manufacturer comes with a clever idea with a hidden ad inside jersey, a 5 year partnership with the Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona was signed and already the logo started appearing for the first time on last Saturday when Fc Barcelona faced Villarreal as Neymar lifted his jersey during the match (as shown in the picture below). 

      “People can’t touch our processor. It’s something that’s inside the computer, For us to at least start the dialogue to connect with consumers, we need to introduce that concept.”  explained David Haroldsen  Intel's vice president of sponsorship.

For the moment the logo is only printed on FC Barcelona players jerseys and will begin appearing on official FC barcelona team jerseys that are sold to fans next year.
in the near future other brands are expected to start using this clever idea inside popular teams jerseys ad.

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