Tuesday, December 8, 2020

PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X is it really a painful launch for both consoles ?

The Xbox Series X had barely been released and the PS5 had yet to hit shelves that next-generation consoles were already experiencing technical problems as reported by some customers.

Here a YouTube video shows PlayStation 5 fails to Turn on.

And here is another video showing graphics/GPU Failure :

As by Microsoft side, the Xbox series X also faced some reports about issues on the next-gen console, 
A youtuber posted that video below showing the Xbox series X system errors on startup; and he described:


""I managed to get an Xbox Series X !!! In this video, I unbox the Xbox Series X and also go into the set procedure once I have it all plugged in. I originally wanted to just do the unboxing video I show my viewers what you get for your hard-earned cash. However, you will see I get a system error on initial boot-up and have to re-install the box Series X OS from new. ""

And another video has gone viral about Xbox series X titled by smoke and overheat of the console:

but lately its leaked thats a fake video where the user used his vape to make that smoke and Microsoft tweeted about that 

and there is a couple of other posts on different social media reporting similar issues on both consoles but still the majority of professional reviewers didn't encounters such issues when they tested the consoles and for sure Sony and Microsoft will release soon firmware updates to fix many issues and keep a better gaming experience on their supercharged consoles.
Finally there may be some issues with the first versions of the two consoles and personally I'am  happy with my PS 4 for the moment.


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  1. i think ps 4 is better for the moment , 500bux for that shit oops